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Residential Dog Obedience Training Courses at Four Paws Hotel

The complete package: 3 weeks of Residential Dog Training PLUS FIVE 1 hour "training the handler" sessions included in the price.

The Residential Dog Training course also includes a WHIZZCLICK, DVD, Clicker Train Your Dog and two books, Ready Steady Click and the RSC Workbook by Clicker training expert Stephen G King APDT member 120.

This dog training programme is ideal for:

  • Dogs that are high energy and/or highly distracted
  • Dogs requiring proper socialisation
  • Dogs that would benefit from confidence building.
  • Owners who want to fast track and improve their dog’s behaviour who have limited time.
  • Owners who wish to have their dog trained while on holiday, a time when the dog would otherwise be boarded.
  • Owners that have a dog that is under trained.
  • All Breeds Of Dogs here.

What dog training exercises do you get?

Three weeks of intensive dog training to your requirements

Set standard exercises to train your dog

The owners are asked to complete comprehensive dog behaviour and diet questionnaires in order to collect important information about the history, lifestyle and any problematic behaviour, a series of basic set standard exercises are taught to build the foundation from which to target specific areas of importance as outlined by the dog's owners.

The exercises include:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Walk to Heel, on the left and right
  • Recall using verbal and whistle commands
  • Appropriate Social Behaviour
  • Safe Handling
  • Training in a Variety of Environments and Distraction Situations

Training Routine

The dog training school operates seven days a week, 12 months of the year. Dogs are exercised and/or trained on a daily basis in accordance to their individual needs; therefore sessions may be as short or long and held as often as required with the understanding that flexibility is a key building block to effective training that said we will make sure that there is no compromise to the dog's health and happiness. Extra grooming and pampering options are available upon request, including a menu of activities to keep your dog stimulated.

Training Methods

  • Our methods are based on Clicker Training. (Timely, consistent, positive reinforcements)
  • We train dogs as efficiently, effectively & humanely as possible
  • We operate the highest quality accommodation
  • We provide extensive feedback throughout the training process
  • We teach the procedures for continued success

Course Requirements and Assessment

The Complete Training Package is open to all dogs over the age of 13 weeks. All dogs require proof of inoculation.

Should the Trainer feel that the dog would not benefit from the programme following their Assessment; the owner will have the option of extending the course requirements to meet the set standard.

School Report After The First Week of Training

All dogs are allocated one Trainer for the duration of the course. Within the first seven days of the course, the Trainer will schedule a telephone call to assess with the owner to discuss the dog’s performance to date, the behaviour questionnaire, Trainer assessment, expectations of the course, methods used and the owner responsibility at course conclusion.

Progress Reporting

Dog owners will receive regular training reports by email or customers are able to contact the trainer by mobile phone during office hours throughout the course.

Pre-Training Session:
A FREE pre-training session may be scheduled mid-way through the course to help owners better understand and prepare for their role as dog handler. This is a unique benefit only offered by Four Paws Hotel. This will be counted as one of the 5 one hour training the handler sessions. Owners are asked to discuss this with their Trainer at the course requirements and assessment meeting.

Demonstration and 1 hour Training Session.

The dog demonstration is scheduled on the final day of the course, where the dog's Trainer presents all the obedience exercises learned throughout the training.

Dog Handler Tuition

The "training the handler" tuition takes place following the demonstration. This is where the Trainer works hands-on with the dog owner and the trained dog. Practical training, behaviour management, motivational tools and other equipment are reviewed and discussed to ensure the owner is completely comfortable and confident to assume the role as dog handler.

Handler Training Sessions

Will be booked in advance when booking the dog into the training centre.

Follow-up / Aftercare

After the 5 one hour "training the handler" sessions have been completed. It is suggested that a follow up session should be scheduled approximately two months after the completion of the course conclusion to make sure the behaviours trained is on target and to practise and fine tune any problematic areas. Further follow-up sessions will be scheduled as needed at a small extra cost.

Residential Dog Training Pricing

The cost of our 3 week residential dog training course £695.00 + VAT These charges include training, owner tuition and 5 "training the handler" follow-up sessions.

A £100 deposit is required to secure your booking, with the balance due at the start of training. Once confirmed, deposits become non-refundable, but confirmed course dates may be changed without penalty if necessary subject to agreement.

20% Discount is available for OFF PEAK PERIODS.

For further information on Dog and Puppy Training please contact the centre on 020 8590 3604 or 020 8599 3317 Email us at

The package includes:

  • Boarding
  • Food
  • Dog Obedience Training
  • Whizzclick, DVD, Two books and Clicker Cue Cards
  • 5 one hour "training the handler" sessions.

A menu of extra activities can be arranged to suit the customer and dog needs.